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How to Style a Blanket Scarf

It will soon be Fall and that only means we all will be breaking out our adorable scarves to style up our outfits.  The blanket scarf is one of those perfect scarves to dress up any outfit, but how to style???  I ran across this article from and it lists 20 different ways and directions on how to style the same scarf so that it looks different with every outfit.  Take a look by following the link and you will be amazed how one awesome blanket scarf purchase can be styled so many different ways.

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"Stylish Teacher"

Some of you may already know, but I am a public school teacher by day and a Trendsetters fashionista by night!  I always wear Trendsetters clothing to school and promote Trendsetters as much as possible.  Why wouldn't I?!?  I love the clothes and working for one of the most hardest working person I know (Desirae) trying her hardest to bring style to all of her customers.  So, with that said, I have to share this funny true story from school this week. This week at our local school it was Open House.  Parents, Grandparents, students, you name it they came to...

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Back to School

Ready or not it is officially that time again.  What time is that you ask?  Back to school time.  Whether it is getting your kids or yourself ready for elementary, middle, high school, or even college, it has become that time.  This is an exciting time for all.  Starting fresh and ready for new learning adventures. With this time of the year, it means buying new school supplies, books, and of course clothing.  Trendsetters has got your hook up for the clothing part.  Check out our website for all the lastest Fall and back to school fashion.  I am...

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Red Carpet Rolled Out

A few weeks ago, I was packing my bags getting ready to go on a family vacation out of state.  I was packing this and that, and what seemed like everything else in between.  When I was finished packing, I would have to say that a good majority of everything that I packed was purchased from Trendsetters Boutique!  My husband just says that I have a shopping addiction and my response to him was "at least I look good!" Anyways, so on vacation I went.  On one of the days, I was complimented on several times about the adorable top...

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Pure Genius!!!!

I know the last few blog posts have been about nails, nail tricks, nail polish, etc, but with it being summer time we are all about keeping our fingers and toes looking all nice!  I came across this pure genius idea and just had to share it with all of you. How many time do you paint your nails and get them all nice then move to your toes only to remember that your toe nail polish needed to first be removed?!?  This is me every time.  Well, posted this genius idea.  You do not have to mess up...

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