"Stylish Teacher"

Some of you may already know, but I am a public school teacher by day and a Trendsetters fashionista by night!  I always wear Trendsetters clothing to school and promote Trendsetters as much as possible.  Why wouldn't I?!?  I love the clothes and working for one of the most hardest working person I know (Desirae) trying her hardest to bring style to all of her customers.  So, with that said, I have to share this funny true story from school this week.

This week at our local school it was Open House.  Parents, Grandparents, students, you name it they came to meet and greet the wonderful me!!!  I had one of my parents come up to me and tell me that their child loves coming to school.  Every night she comes home from school and tells her family about the outfits that I wear to school to school that day.  I mean describes the outfits, because she LOVES them.  This student thinks my outfits are stylish and has given me the nickname of the "Stylish Teacher."  This brings a smile to my face and a small laugh at the same time.  I guess I better look good everyday for my little fashionista!!!

You can also be a "stylish teacher," log onto www.shoptrendsetters.com to get your style on! 



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