About us

We know as a woman you fulfill many roles in society! And your style and fashion desires for those roles need to be met! Whether you’re a mom, sister, friend, wife, leader or teammate, you are all looking for one thing....fashion that can fulfill all those roles! That’s where we come in.
We are a midwest, lifestyle boutique! Styling basic everyday items with trendy pieces to make the most out of your closet is our JAM! We know fashion is not a one size fits all (literally). Monday you may need a business casual outfit for the office but Thursday night, you may need that special dress or top for date night! We try to meet all your lifestyle needs from comfy, business casual, mommin’ it days to those music festival boho styles and and we can’t forget the bright sundresses for those destination vacations.
We want you to leave our Store or Website feeling empowered, trendy, styled appropriately for whatever adventure you have ahead, confident and above all else, CHERISHED by us. YOU are the entire essence of our boutique, how you feel after your visit is what is valued the most! You are part of our family, you are the #tbtribe. It’s not about selling you clothes! You can buy clothes anywhere, including AMAZON :) But, we are selling you on yourself! You’re worth it, you’re unique and you can rock that wild print, SISTER! I promise you that! We are here to assist with styling and help you leave your mark on the world! Create your own fashion statement!
I know the daily struggles of fulfilling all these roles as a woman! I am a boss, Entrepreneur, Mom of 4, Sister, Friend, Wife to my Husband Adam, Daughter, Granddaughter, Christian, Music lover and just as important, ME! My fashion needs change with the role I am playing that day. I am also extremely busy so I know the value of time and being able to find the variety I need in one location!
That’s why I ultimately created Trendsetters, a lifestyle boutique for women that are busy and need a variety of fashion options to meet their lifestyle roles!

My husband, Adam and I have 4 beautiful children ages 9, 5, 3, and 1! 

My love for fashion started very early in life. My grams was a fashion lover and had to have all the newest trends from hand bags, to shoes and jackets. Her passion for style and beautiful clothing eventually passed down to me! We would scour catalogs and magazines sharing our favorites.  I loved looking through fashion magazines and my favorite page was the “Trendsetter” page! A page devoted to all the latest trends worn by everyday people, showcasing how they styled the trends in their daily life.

I wish I could say this dream of Trendsetters was one I was able to share with her but I know she is watching over our store, proud of how we are changing lives and empowering women!

Make your own statement in life and in fashion! Don’t forget to share it with the world!

Thank you for being here!
Thank you for choosing us!
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