That Time of the Year!

It has become that time again, when we all do the dreaded task of transferring over our closet from the Fall/Winter clothing to the Spring/Summer clothes.  If you are anything like me, this task can take some time.  I am talking like an entire days job.  We pull out all the Fall/Winter clothing and sort into piles of donate or keep.  Some pieces we stop and wonder where did this come from and how long has it actually been in my closet.  

Then, we move on to the unpacking of the Spring/Summer clothes and this is where I start to get depressed.  And the process of keep and donate starts all over again.  So, this whole process got me thinking, what is truly essential for a wardrobe?? had this amazing 50 Wardrobe Essentials piece listed on Pinterest and it got me I have everything they suggest???  So, what else am I suppose to do, but check out my clothing.

Some pieces I say "got it" and check it off, others I stop and say "I guess I need to go shopping."  If you are like me and need some of these key wardrobe essentials, the search for those items are not far or hard to find.  Check out the Trendsetters website at to help get your wardrobe in check.  We have what you need!!!!


Photo courtesy of on Pinterest


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