Red Carpet Rolled Out

A few weeks ago, I was packing my bags getting ready to go on a family vacation out of state.  I was packing this and that, and what seemed like everything else in between.  When I was finished packing, I would have to say that a good majority of everything that I packed was purchased from Trendsetters Boutique!  My husband just says that I have a shopping addiction and my response to him was "at least I look good!"

Anyways, so on vacation I went.  On one of the days, I was complimented on several times about the adorable top I was wearing.  (Trendsetters item of course!)  My husband could not believe how many compliments I had received that day.  Made me feel good!!!  On this day, I felt like a famous movie star on the red carpet being asked by the millions of tv/magazine/radio people who was I wearing.  Meaning which designer did I have on.  I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs "TRENDSETTER BOUTIQUE," who else!

Are you Red Carpet Ready???  You too can get all of those compliments!  New Fall items coming in everyday.  Shop  


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