Pure Genius!!!!

I know the last few blog posts have been about nails, nail tricks, nail polish, etc, but with it being summer time we are all about keeping our fingers and toes looking all nice!  I came across this pure genius idea and just had to share it with all of you.

How many time do you paint your nails and get them all nice then move to your toes only to remember that your toe nail polish needed to first be removed?!?  This is me every time.  Well, diply.com posted this genius idea.  You do not have to mess up your nicely manicured nails, oh no.  All you need to do is break out one of the things all women love the most (just kidding) a tampon and use it to remove your polish.  Who knew those things would come in handy for other things.  I hate to say it, but it actually works pretty well.

I hope you find this blog post helpful, if not at least get a good laugh from it!!!



Photo Courtesy of www.diply.com


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