Nail Art

I love getting pedicures during the summer months...who am I kidding I LOVE them year round!!!  However, during the summer months when my pretty little toes are exposed the most, is when I want them all nice and pretty.  Is it the soaking, trimming, foot massage, chair massage, or the fresh coat of perfectly painted toes that I love?  I don't know, maybe all of thee above.  Who doesn't love to be pampered on for at least 30-45 minutes?!?  Even though they are wonderful, they can get expensive, especially when you add a design onto them.   

Sometimes, I do not simply have the time to go in for a much needed pedicure, so I end up painting my pretty little toes all on my own.  I love the nail art you can get, but don't always own all the things needed.

I tried a few different things that are quick and easy to give you that salon nail art look all in the comfort of your own home.

Nail Art #1:  Paint your entire nail with a color of your choice.  Once dry, cover part of your nail with simple scotch tape and paint the uncovered part with a different color.  You can make stripes, diagonals, or even just a different color tip.  When the second color is partially dry, peel off the tape and you will have a two toned nail.

(Photo is of my daughter's small nail)


Nail Art #2:  Want polka dot nails?  This one can be done two different ways.

Option #1 is to use a band-aid (the kind with the holes).  First, paint your base color on your nails and let it dry.  Once dry, place a band-aid on top of your nail so that they tiny holes cover your nail.  Paint the dot color over the band-aid.  It will go through the holes and leave your nail spotted.  Do not wait for the dot color to dry.  Paint then remove band-aid.  This polka dot option will take multiple band-aids to dot all nails if desired.  When the polish dries it will seal up the holes, so reusing is minimal.

(Photo is of my daughter's small nail using the band-aid method of dotting)

Option #2:  If you have a straight pin that is typically used in sewing, you can push it into the eraser part of a pencil.  This then can be used to dot the nails, as you see fit.  Simply, paint your base color and let dry.  Pour a very small amount of dot color onto a napkin, plate, palm of your hand (whatever is most convenient).  Dab the straight pin into the accent color and then dot your nails.  As many dots and sizes as you would like.

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, give these ideas a try, whether they be on yourself, a friend, daughter, niece, or Mom!  You are sure to have some summertime fun!!




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