Nail Tricks

As promised in my last blog post, I tested out some of the nail tricks that I have heard about over the years.  You know those tricks where you say, "I am going to try that" and of course never really do.  Well, I tried out some of those tricks that I have been dying to try and here are my findings.

Trick #1 - Instant Dry with Cooking Spray 

I always hate leaving the nail salon with nails that I was not quite sure if they were truly dry enough not to smudge.  There is nothing worse then getting to your car and smudging the perfect mani/pedi you just got.  Now nail salons give your toes a quick spray of some very cold instant dry spray to keep the nails from smudging.  I know they are not spraying my toes with cooking spray, but what if I can get the same thing at home from my own kitchen cabinet?!?

I heard years ago that if you sprayed your fingers/toes with cooking spray it would instantly dry your nails.  My first thought was this is not going to work, no way. So of course, I had to just try it.  


I, of course, let me nails dry for a little bit, then gave them a quick spray with cooking spray and it worked!  I honestly could not believe it.  My advise however if you are going to try this method, don't use the cooking spray that has butter flavoring. :)


Trick #2 - Instant Dry with Ice Water

I read years ago that if you soak your fingers/toes in ice water minutes after painting them it would instantly dry your nails.  I was very skeptical of this one.  Really using water to dry my nails?!?  

I painted my nails like normal then waited a few minutes before giving them a cold water bath for about 3 minutes.  My fingers were freezing after the 3 minutes, but if it honestly worked then so be it.  

VERDICT after 3 minute ice bath:  DID NOT WORK FOR ME!

I pulled out my fingers and nope, they were not dry. :(


Trick #3 - Perfect Nails

I have heard about getting the perfect manicure/pedicure in several different methods.  Some say to use glue (to messy in my opinion), while others say Vaseline.  I chose to try out the Vaseline, only because I would not have to wait for it to dry to try out this trick.

So, the trick is to use a -cotton swab and coat the cuticle area/skin with Vaseline before painting your nails.  Then paint your nails like you normally would.  When your nails are all dry, all you have to do is wash your hands/wipe off the Vaseline and all the polish that you would have got on your skin comes right off.



Trick #4 - Make your Color Pop

I always love bright and bold colors on my nails, especially during the summer months and always on my toes.  So when I heard that I can make my bright color pop even more I was all for it.  People say to give your paint a good pop to first paint a coat of white, then paint two coats of the color of choice.  Your nails should be bolder and brighter.   


This one really bummed me.  I was hoping for a wow factor, but unfortunately not.


I hope you find these nail finding useful and if one of these were on your nail-to-do list you can cross it off with my findings.  



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